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A phase i study of daily treatment with a ceramide-dominant triple lipid mixture commencing in neonates 65 55 1
A pharmacist-led system-change smoking cessation intervention for smokers admitted to Australian public hospitals (GIVE UP FOR GOOD): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial 128 98 0
Genome-wide association studies in asthma in population-based cohorts confirm known and suggested loci and identify an additional association near HLA 354 291 2
Management of asthma in pregnant women by general practitioners: A cross sectional survey 170 150 0
Respiratory symptoms and illness in older Australians: the Burden of Obstructive Lung Disease (BOLD) study 151 127 0
Multidisciplinary approach to management of maternal asthma (MAMMA [copyright]): The PROTOCOL for a randomized controlled trial 265 244 0
Asthma mortality in Australia in the 21st century: a case series analysis 67 58 0
The relationship between adolescents' well-being and their wireless phone use: a cross-sectional study 16 16 0
Accuracy of asthma and COPD diagnosis in Australian general practice: a mixed methods study 90 77 0
Do small group workshops and locally adapted guidelines improve asthma patients' health outcomes? A cluster randomized controlled trial 50 49 0
Fractional polynomials and model selection in generalized estimating equations analysis, with an application to a longitudinal epidemiologic study in Australia 116 91 0
Surveillance of Australian workplace based respiratory events (SABRE) in New South Wales 89 79 0
Should we screen for lung cancer in australia?: systematic screening reduces mortality, but is it the best way to go? 30 23 0
Paracetamol use for non-respiratory indications and subsequent asthma: a valuable way to eliminate confounding by respiratory infections 66 61 0
Quitting experiences and preferences for a future quit attempt: a study among inpatient smokers 121 96 4
How well do adolescents recall use of mobile telephones? Results of a validation study 33 29 0
Management of asthma in pregnant women by general practitioners: a cross sectional survey 71 59 0
Patterns in wireless phone estimation data from a cross-sectional survey: what are the implications for epidemiology? 22 20 0
Forecasts of COPD mortality in Australia: 2006-2025 55 48 0
The effectiveness of non-pharmacological healthcare interventions for asthma management during pregnancy: A systematic review 58 51 0
Asthma drugs in pregnancy and lactation 33 31 0
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